1. This website & SA Hindu Update is a Free Service to Religious & Cultural Organizations.
- Organizations freely send their information to be included/updated.
- All Hindu linguistic groups are included.
- This site is not a member of any particular organization, supports all organizations & is affiliated to some organisations.
- This website retains the right to edit/omit information (particularly if dematory, political, Tantric Practice etc).

2. Adverts appear at the bottom of pages on this website.

3. To advertise, make a donation (Min R250) to any organization of your choice.
- example: ISKCON, Divine Life, Food for Life, Maha Sabha etc.
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- Donations cannot be made to the Webmaster.

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5. This website & SA Hindu Update is fully funded by its founders as a 'seva' initiative.
- It is intended to disseminate information in SA. (an electronic 'postman' service)
- Goal: Increase attendance at Events & foster greater harmony, culture & spirituality in our society.
- Current Distribution list: > 20,000
- SA Hindu Update is disseminated weekly, where possible.
- SA Hindu Update also appears on facebook (radio station & various other pages)

6. Disclaimer: All information on this website or on SA Hindu Update do not represent the views of the Webmaster or the NPO members.

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