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Muthal Naidoo
Luxien Ariyan: Land Rights Vol1 (right click to save)
Luxien Ariyan: Land Rights Vol2 (right click to save)
Indian Diaspora in SA

Prasanth Mohan: 0126647400 / 0824128226
Title: "The Hidden Glory of South Africa" (work in progress)
Theme: Philosophy, Culture, Civilisation, Faith, Beliefs, Customs, Traditions, Practices, Rituals, & System of Worship & Mediation.
Subject Matter: History & development of all Ashrams, Temples, & Spiritual Organisations in SA since the arrival of the 1860 Indian Settlers.
Prasant Mohan: Extract 5 lux007 Exploring “Hinduism” (Literature and Religious Systems)

Review By: DOT Deputy Director-General: R Jock
Survey to Complete this Book
Map Excerpt: Hindu Population Distribution in SA

Bajith Panday: 011 849 9599
Title: "Choosing a School for your Child"

Other Hindu Literature

The Ayurveda Encycloaedia 26MB (Right click to Save)
Divine Message of the Vedas Part 1
Divine Message of the Vedas Part 2
Divine Message of the Vedas Part 3
Divine Message of the Vedas Part 4

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